Hotel WBF Marche Ishigakijima

〒907-0022   217,Okawa,Ishigaki-shi,Okinawacheck-in 15:00/ out 11:00TEL:  +81(0)980-84-2200


  • 和洋食ブッフェ

    ~ Ishigaki Island-filled, Eating Soups ~WBF SOUP

    Breakfast on WBF MARCHE Ishigaki Island can be chosen from 9 types of SOUP.
    The breakfast venue on the 5th floor at the top floor incorporates
    the morning sunshine of Ishigaki and offers a sense of freedom.If you come to the stone wall,
    you can take it to the sea, mountains, and islands of Ishigaki, not as a hotel.
    OPENING HOUR 7:00~10:00
    Price ¥1,500(tax included)
    ※Free for preschoolers



      • 1階カフェペース


        A lounge with a sense of openness that incorporates the sunshine of Ishigaki Island.

        The lounge on the top floor is free of charge for guests 24 hours a day.We also offer a free cup of WBF COFFEE for members only.

        Hotel WBF Marche Ishigakijima
        〒907-0022  217,Okawa,Ishigaki-shi,Okinawa
        check-in 15:00 / out 11:00

        TEL: +81(0)980-84-2200